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Help! My GE Stove and Oven Is Not Keeping a Right Temperature

Indeed, baking and cooking your favourite food is one of the finest feelings in this world. But what if your oven or stove stops heating properly? Don’t you think it’s a troublesome situation for a person who loves cooking and baking? Indeed, it is! But don’t worry; the current discussion unveils some effective tips to get you back to baking in. Before we start our discussion, here are some quick instructions to Repair your GE stove with Model # CGS980SEM1SS and Serial # TM200375P.

  • Check oven temperature sensor.
  • Check door hinges (door closing proper)
  • Check door seal
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    Remember, these tips are advantageous if your GE oven got some minor issues. However, if there is an extreme complexity with your GE oven, then the below-mentioned discussion can guide you better.

    Oven Doesn't Keep the Right Temperature-The Baking Element.

    If your oven fails to maintain an accurate temperature, check the bake element in the first place. The bake element is a coil that heats up when you turn on the oven or Call Us for Our Professional Appliance Repair Services in Nassau County & Suffolk. Generally, ovens have two coils in them. One is present at the top of the oven, and the other is present at its bottom. The upper coil is used for broiling purpose, whereas the lower coil is used for baking purpose. It is suggested to open up your oven and examine its bake element properly. Then, you can use a flashlight for a better and clear investigation. The presence of cracks and blisters indicates something wrong with the bake element, and you need to replace it quickly.

    What if the Bake Element is Normal?

    If you think there is nothing wrong with the bake element, prepare yourself to get your hands dirty. Before you proceed with this step, you must follow these instructions;

  • Disconnect the power to avoid any nuisance.
  • Open the oven's back panel and look at its wires.
  • Make sure the wires aren’t loose or over corroded.
  • The continuity in the heating element can be determined by using a multi-meter.
  • If you find no continuity, then repair your GE stone/oven now.
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    GE Oven Not Heating? The Thermostat

    It's not always Bake Element that creates issues in your oven. Sometimes, your oven stops heating properly due to another culprit, i.e. thermostat. The thermostat plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature of the Bake Element. You need to recalibrate the thermostat to fix this issue. Also, an accurate thermometer is required for the entire process. You can take guidance from the user manual for quick and better understanding.

    Prefer a Right Choice for Stove & Oven Repair

    If you think you can repair E oven or stove at home, fix the issue after proper expertise. Besides, always use the latest and updated tools to speed up the repair process. Nevertheless, it is pretty risky to repair your premium quality GE oven or stove at home. So, instead of taking this matter into your hand, it is preferable to go for 'Professional Stove Repair Services'. Remember, only the experts know the root cause of an issue and fix it like a pro. So, don't put your oven in danger and seek professional help now.

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