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LG Front Load Washer Leaking Repair

Recently Bit Appliance has received the complaint of LG front load washer leaking (Mod# WM2487HWM)wa. This is one of the common problems faced by many people. Sometimes people with basic knowledge of machine technicalities solve the problem on their own. Yet, some need professional assistance, and they call Bit Appliance Repair for help. So, when we had the complaint, we knew what to do, and we are ready to share the procedure with our customers so they can have some help in the future.


What We Did?
Checked Inlet Water Line & Hoses

This is the first thing to do for the damages. Why? The purpose of your automatic machine’s water line is to fill the washing machine with hot water. There are two water lines in your washing machine: one for cold water and one for hot water. They are linked to an inlet valve, which directs water into a single hose. Before the hose can discharge water into the tub, it must first pass through a device that prevents wash water from entering the washing machine's water line. This anti-siphon device has a large opening that allows air to enter. So, if the damage is in the hoses or water line, you probably need to find a fix for the waterline in Nassau County & Suffolk. We checked in to ensure that both the inlet water line and hoses are damage-free.

Checked Drain hose

We did it because the drain hose may be the problem. Most drain hose leaks occur at the connection between the pump and the back of the washer. If the washer is pushed against the wall too far, the hose may rub against the wall and cause a leak. So, we examined the drain hose for leaks. Fortunately, there were no damages there.

Checked water solenoid valve

This is the part where wires are connected. The connection can damage because of the problem as well. So, we reached the part where wires are connected to the solenoid and had to pull off the wires and connect the multimeter. Multimeter helps us get an accurate reading of resistance. Based on that reading, we decide if the solenoid valve needs a repair or replacement or is working fine.

Changed Inlet valve

For the next step, we checked the inlet valve. We had to ensure that the terminals and connectors were fine and there was no corrosion. In case they are rusted, they need to be cleaned, or if they’re corroded, then replaced. So, this was the necessary step as there was a problem and we had to replace the inlet valve of the machine.

Bottom Line

Remember, if you are trying to fix your LG washing machine on your own, you must go through these steps, and one by one ensure that every part is working just fine. Once you have the idea of the damage, you can easily fix it. Otherwise, Bit Appliance has the professionals to lg washer repairand give it back to you in a running condition.


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