Samsung dryer repair: Drive belt issues and replacement

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When some elements of an appliance are damaged, you can replace them without the assistance of a professional technician. One such part is the drive belt of dryers.

Drive belt:

Drive belts are single continuous belt that spins several other components of an appliance. It's found in clothes washers and dryers.


Figuring out whether the drive belt of your Samsung dryer needs replacement or not is easy.

Dryer does not spin: If you turn on the dryer, but it still does not spin, your drive belt is probably broken. After turning the dryer on, see if it is making the working sound or not. If it is making the working sound, but the spinner is not moving, the drive belt of your dryer needs replacement. Hire Professional Dryer Repair Company in Nassau county and Suffolk

  1. The broken belt switch:

The broken belt switch stops the dryer from working if the belt is broken. The belt switch will detect the broken belt and will be activated when the dryer is turned on, thus stopping the dryer from turning on. This means that even if you turn the dryer with a broken drive belt on, it will not work because of the belt switch.7 Maintenance Tips or Dryer Repair

Samsung dryer drive belt repair:

  1. Turn off the switch:

Like in any repair, first, turn off the switch and take the dryer's power cord out to avoid any accidents or electrical shocks.

  1. Take away the top panel (lid):

Two to four screws will secure the dryer's top panel (lid). Open those screws. After unscrewing the top panel, carefully pull it back to detach it from the dryer and lift it off. You will see the drum. See if the belt is present or not. If you make sure that the belt is the issue, proceed to the next step.

diswahser repair service
  1. Open the exhaust vent panel:

The exhaust vent of the dryer will be located on the back. Open the panel by opening the mounting screws with the help of a drill or a basic screwdriver. After removing all the mounting screws, pull the cover back and set it aside. Inside the vent, check the motor pulley and the idler pulley for any sharp edges or cuts that could damage the drive belt. Also, check if they rotate easily or not to ensure they will not harm the new belt.

  1. Open the control panel:

Once made sure that the idler pulley and motor pulley are not damaged in any way, open the mounting screws on top of the control panel. There will be four to six screws securing the control panel.

  1. Open the relay board:

Disconnect the two wires connecting the relay board to the control panel. You will secure the relay board with two mounting screws. Open the screws to pull the relay board away from the dryer. Place the relay board back in its place but donít put the screws back yet.

  1. Pull out the control panel:

Now carefully pull the control panel away from the dryer, along with the two wires that you previously disconnected. If there is another connect wire, disconnect it and set the control panel aside.

  1. Remove the front panel:

Open the dryer door and take out all the mounting screws in the front panel. Now remove the screws below the control panel to take the front panel off the dryer. Disconnect the door switch from the front panel and set the front panel aside.

  1. Remove the screws:

There will be more screws where the control panel previously was, holding a metal shield in its place. Open those screws and undo the shield clips with the drum light wire and the door switch wire. Set the metallic shield aside.

  1. Open the front assembly:

The entire front assembly will have four screws securing it. Open the screws. On the other bottom of the dryer, one screw will secure the metal shield to the plastic blower housing. Open it too. Lift the front of the dryer carefully and set it aside.

  1. Place the new belt:

While making sure the ribs of the new belt are facing the drum, slide the new belt on the drum. There will be marks from the previous belt showing where the belt goes.

  1. Place everything back together:

After securing the new belt in its place, carefully put everything back together. First, the front assembly, the metallic shield, the front panel, the wires in the relay board, the control panel, the vent panel, and lastly, the top panel. Screw everything back in its place. Put the plug back in and turn on the switch.

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