5 common problems of refrigerator that need attention

The refrigerator is a complicated system. It is also the hardest working home appliance, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your food healthy. A refrigerator may have issues such as cooling problems, defrost problems, defective wiring, broken drain plate, sparking from the socket, door closing problems, drain blockage, and so on. As a result of rigorous use and wear and tear, necessitates refrigerator repair service.


So, here are some of the common problems of refrigerators that might need some extra attention from you.

1. Frost in the Freezer

Frost accumulation is particularly common in old freezers. If you're having this problem with your refrigerator, look for a broken door seal that's allowing wet, moist air to enter. This is a common cause of freezer frost. If that isn't the case, there may be a problem with the refrigerator's defrost sensor. You'll need the assistance of a contractor to complete the repair.

2. Not turning on after transporting

If you're moving your refrigerator, make sure it's as upright as possible. What happens if you put a refrigerator on its side? The lubricant from the compressor leaks into the cooling pipes, and if you turn the refrigerator on its side too soon, the compressor will be permanently damaged, and the fridge will stop working. If you do put your refrigerator down, allow several hours for the lubricant to settle before turning it back on.

3. The refrigerator is too warm

It's critical to ensure that your refrigerator can maintain the proper temperature for your product. If the refrigerator isn't holding your food cool enough, check to see if the refrigerator's position is ideal for maintaining a consistent temperature.

The refrigerator, for example, must have adequate air circulation and should not be too close to high-temperature regions. However, if your unit was just built, the issue may be that your refrigeration unit hasn't had enough time to warm up. After waiting 24 hours, try it to see if it would turn on.

4. The refrigerator is making noise

The refrigerator can run at a low enough level that it does not interfere with your everyday activities. If your refrigerator is unusually loud, you most likely have a problem with one of its fans.

Most refrigerators have both a condenser and an evaporator fan. The condenser fan cools the condenser coil in your device. When the compressor is working, the evaporator fan draws air over the freezer's evaporator coils. These fans operate simultaneously, and problems with any of their motors will cause your refrigerator to become noticeably louder. You should check these fans to see if their motors appear to be broken; however, before doing so, unplug your refrigerator

5. Compressor is dirty

A compressor is the core of a refrigerator device, and it is in charge of the refrigeration cycle. If the refrigerator does not operate, the compressor of the refrigerator may be faulty.


Besides, the compressor is in charge of keeping your food cool. Typically, you can clean your compressor every 90 days. However, some manuals specify precisely when you can clean your compressor. If you don't clean the compressor, it will get hot and won't keep your refrigerator cool. If the problem persists, you need refrigerator repair immediately.

Bottom line

Now, if you are not sure about the troubles of your refrigerator, but you are sure that it has something wrong, you must contact the professional by looking for the appliance repair specialist near me. So, call a reputable appliance repair company like Bit Appliance Repair and get it fixed before it adds up to your trouble and makes you want to replace it.

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