5 Electric Dryer Maintenance tips to know

Regular maintenance of home appliances is the key to improve their performance for a longer time. Nevertheless, ignoring regular electric dryer maintenance enhances the probability of fire hazards. According to U.S. Fire Administration, don’t ignore electric dryer cleaning as it leads to home clothes dryer fires. So, it's better to work on the following tips.


Ensure Proper Installation

Make sure you have hired professional Electric Dryer Repairtechnicians to install your electric dryer. Also, don't forget to check the manual to confirm that your electric outlets are apt for the plugs. However, if you have installed a gas dryer in your home, seek professional help and make sure your gas line has no leakage.

Clean Lint Filter More Often

Before you dry your laundry, properly clean the lint filter to remove all types of impurities from it. Usually, bath towels and mats create a lot of lint, so remove them timely and remove all dust and grime. Sometimes people don’t clean dust, lint and fibre. Resultantly, it leads to clothes dry fires and damages the expensive dryers. In addition, lint is highly explosive and can lead to compact airflow, posing a fire hazard in clothes dryers. That’s why; take all the preventive measures seriously to avoid any misfortune in future. check here how to take care of your clothes dryer

Look over Your Dryer Vent

The dryer vent locates outside the house. You need to check it regularly to ensure it provides proper oxygen. If you think the vent doesn't provide the required air, turn off the dryer and start examining the vent for blockage. Usually, the vent stops providing air due to the bird's nest and accumulated air. You can also install a dry vent seal as it blocks unnecessary dust particles and lint etc.

Examine the Exhaust Vent

Usually, dirt, dust, grime and lint clog the duct. If you observe any blockage, remove the vent and purify the duct perfectly. Call the Expert Washer Dryer Repair Company in Nassau County and Suffolk. Remember, you can’t perform this entire process perfectly without any professional assistance. That’s why; it’s better to hire professional technicians and let them clean your electric dryer for you.

Practical Washers and Dryers Safety Tips

  • Don't overload your dryer.
  • Avoid storing items on the top of the dryer and washer
  • Correctly read and follow operating instructions
  • You don't need to run the dryer when you aren't around.
  • Undoubtedly, following above-mentioned tips can protect you from any significant issue in future.

    The Ultimate Guide to Fix Kenmore Electric dryer

    If your Kenmore Electric Dryer with Mod# 110.66962500 and Ser# MS4328724 experiences No heat problem, then you should follow the below-mentioned instructions properly.

  • Properly check 220 V from the outlet
  • Check timer
  • check thermal fuse
  • Drive motor switch
  • High limit thermal fuse
  • Check heater
  • Surely, replacing the high limit thermal fuse and heater assembly can fix the issue timely.

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