The Ultimate Guide to Fix 3 Common Electric Dryer Problems

Electric dryer problems are pretty common these days. Undoubtedly, your electric dryer stops working due to several reasons. But, it’s always essential to figure out the root cause of the problem and its potential solution. Sometimes, the minor issues affect the dryer's performance, and you can fix problems such as a screwdriver. But, sometimes, you need to hire certified technicians for the better identification of complicated technical issues. Whether you choose to fix your electric dryer at home or want a professional appliance repair company in nassau county and Suffolk.Always take preventive measures seriously and adequately remove the power source to the appliance after your use that will keep you away from freuently repair your electric dryer


Common Electric Dryer Issues

Here's the list of some common electric dryer issues. Don't worry; we will mention the ultimate guide to fix the problems.

Cloth Dryer Doesn't Turn On Quickly.

If your electric dryer doesn't turn on quickly, it's recommended to do little troubleshooting and identify the electric dryer problem. Always start with simple things and check the control setting. Properly examine the checking of buttons and see if they are entirely depressed. Also, check the start button and see whether it activates the dryer or not.

The Drum Spins Without Any Heat

You can blame blown thermal fuse for this purpose. If you have a new dryer, then a blown thermal fuse protects the dryer and prevents it from running at all. If the electric dryer fuse is in the right place, then it saves the dryer. Otherwise, it may cause fire and other electric dryer issues.

Sadly, fuses start wearing out with time (without any reason), but mostly it happens due to overloaded machines and clogged ventilation. Replace the fuse to fix this problem in the first place.


The Drum Stops Spinning

A humming motor with a still drum isn't a simple problem as it indicates significant issues. But don't fret, as you can fix it without spending enough money. Check the old belt for wear; you can replace it on your own, but if it's not possible, then hire professionals.

Got some issue with the Kenmore Electric dryer

If your Kenmore Electric Dryer with Mod# 110.66962500 and Ser# MS4328724 causes ‘No heat’ problem then you need to check the following things

  • 220 V from outlet
  • check timer
  • check thermal fuse
  • Drive motor switch
  • High limit thermal fuse
  • Heater
  • After replacing the high limit thermal fuse and heater assembly, there is a strong likelihood that your Electric Dryer will start working. Still, if it shows some issues and doesn't work correctly, then you need to hire a professional appliance Repair Company for this purpose. The professional and expert appliance repair technicians use their exceptional expertise to identify the root cause of the problem. Also, they use the latest equipment for better results.


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